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Thermal Experience

The Beaux Rêves thermal experience consists of alternating hot and cold with periods of relaxation in between.


Please shower before beginning your Bêaux Reves Nordic Circuit and stay hydrated with water.

HOT: Begin your Nordic circuit in one of our saunas for 5-10 minutes. We have a Finnish stone sauna, a Finnish Barrel sauna as well as an Eucalyptus steam room (with cold shower). This will raise your body temperature, opening up your pores and releasing toxins, relieving tired muscles and mental fatigue, reducing tension and stress, providing a feeling of well-being. A healthy way to help your skin shine and also beneficial for psoriasis and acne problems.

Detoxifies your body of toxins and chemicals. Regular sauna sessions and a healthy lifestyle will contribute to weight loss and a feeling of well being.

COLD: 10-60 seconds in cold water. Take a river plunge May until November and otherwise you can choose our Nordic Waterfall, Steam room cold shower, changing room cold shower or roll in the snow! This is a really invigorating step and it will close the pores of your skin.

RELAX: 20-3O minutes of relaxation.
Enjoy the benefits of alternating hot and cold cycles that will stimulate the blood, releasing adrenaline which leads to the secretion of our “Happy Hormone” serotonin.

REPEAT: Repeat the cycle 3 times to feel the wellness and benefits.
A relaxing massage during a Nordic Spa day is a great addition and you will feel like you are on Cloud 9! *Insurance receipts for massage therapy are provided*
**It is important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout your Beaux Reves Nordic Circuit. Drinking alcoholic beverages is not recommended during the cycles.

The thermal experience (Nordic Circuit) is not recommended for people taking certain medication, if you are pregnant, suffer from a heart condition, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, angina, diabetes or any other health issues. If in doubt, please seek the advice of your physician prior to your visit.

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