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Spa Treatments

Swedish Massage

Consisting of a series of movements liberating the muscles of toxins, relaxes and energizes the body.


This in depth treatment is ideal for all types of skin. The dead cells on the surface are removed using an exfoliant. The skin is then revitalized using a cleansing mask. A vaporization of essential oils, extraction of black heads and a massage of the neck are included in the treatment.


This exfoliating treatment is practiced upon the entire body and prepares the skin for a better re-mineralization. The combination of massage and exfoliation facilitates hydration and removes dead cells from the skin. This treatment allows for an unequaled relaxation.


Based on the principal that different zones or reflex points of the foot correspond to different organs, a gland or part of the body. It eliminates blockages due to stress by reducing tensions. Increasing blood circulation and functioning of the nervous system allowing one to achieve harmony.

Body Wrap Sea weed or Mud

A therapeutic treatment of seaweed and essential oils. The seaweed is applied to the entire body surface permitting an excellent re-mineralization. After having applied the seaweed a hot blanket or plastic wraps the body to achieve a temperature favorable to the assimilation of the minerals. This treatment helps firm and tone the skin as well as achieving complete relaxation. Afterwards a hydrating lotion is applied with a wheat and vitamin E base.

Hot stone massage

A 90 minute complete massage: body – face – hair – extremities. Increases vitality as hot stones release a miascopic energy. The heat radiates to the bone and the effects are prolonged for several days. relaxes, calms physical aches and nerves. The cold stones improve the tonicity. Experiencing a hot stone massage is an exceptional and unique experience.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT) is a treatment technique that combines manual techniques with anatomical knowledge to detect the flow of lymph in the body. The therapist uses his hands to guide lymph to the most effective drainage pathways. This manual technique improves circulation, the immune system, and the parasympathetic nervous systems. LDT has been found to improve swelling and lymphedema, chronic and subacute inflammations (ie. sinusitis & bronchitis), chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Extra facial treatment

(offered with some treatments) Consists of an exfoliation, a mask depending on your skin type as well as a finiting cream.. It acts as well to revive your appearance.

Extra eye treatment

Offered with facials and select treatments. Our eye treatment is offered as a patch which is placed around the eyes. It helps to eliminate wrinkles, rejuvenates, firms, decongests and nourishes.

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